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PAL-1 (Digital Handheld Refractometer)

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Brix : 0.0 ~ 93.0 %

PAL-pH (Digital Handheld pH Meter)
PAL-pH (pH Meter)

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To learn more about refractometer, please visit here:
What is a Refractometer? 

ATAGO offers various different styles of refractometers such as analog, digital, handheld, benchtop, Abbe refractometers and much more! 

Refractometers are used in many industries, including food processing, education, research, agriculture, beverage, alcohol, industrial, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, clinical, water, and more! 

ATAGO's PAL Commitment: A new ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use!

In pursuit of an "easy to use," "easy to operate," and ergonomic architecture of new instruments, ATAGO has achieved a "palm fitting" masterpiece as well as a unit that is high in hygienic properties.

By reducing the number of unnecessary assembly parts, we have reduced the risks of a germ reproductive environment.

Through our efforts to produce a hygienic instrument to be used in any industry, these units are designed to be completely washable.

The new PAL series is approved by the HACCP and equipped with the new ELI feature, ensuring accurate measurements - even outdoors.

Requests from our customers worldwide are reflected in the development of the new PAL Refractometer!


What is Near Field Communication ?


Some of our PAL series digital refractometers have NFC features.
NFC is a data transfer feature that allows users to transfer data from the unit to their phone.
This feature is available on our PAL Pocket Refractometers, efficiently saving time and recording data.
Click Below for a demo video! 

NFC - Near Field Communication





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