VISCO (Stainless Body 1200g)

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 Compact and easily carried with one hand. 
 Battery operated—measurements can be taken anywhere.
 Fully digital display allows for anyone to easily read results.
 Capable to measure with only a small amount of sample.
 Easy set-up and simple, one-button operation.
 Capable of taking measurements with containers other than the included beakers, such as  disposable paper cups.


 VISCO Easy Set-up Guide

 Product Name  VISCO™
 Cat.No.  6800
 Measurement Scales  Viscosity - Temperature - Torque%
 Display Items  Viscosity - Temperature - Torque% - Speed - 
 Spindle and beaker combination
 Measurement Range  Viscosity:
   1-350,000,000mPa・s (1mPa・s=1cP)
   A1 50 - 200,000mPa・s / 50 - 200,000cP
   A2 100 - 600,000mPa・s / 100 - 600,000cP
   A3 500 - 2,000,000mPa・s / 500 - 2,000,000cP  
   0.0 - 100.0% (recommended torque 10.0 - 100.0%)
 Speed  0.5 - 250rpm
 Number of Speeds: 20
 Resolution  Viscosity:
 Below 10,000mPa・s: 0.1mPa・s
 Over 10,000mPa・s: 1mPa・s
 Torque: 0.1%
 Temperature: 0.1℃
 Measurement Accuracy  Viscosity: ±1%
 Temperature: ±0.2℃
 Sample Temperature Range  10.0 - 40.0゚C / 50.0 - 104.0゚F
 Power Supply

 LR6 / AA alkaline batteries (x4)

 AC adapter input:

    AC100 to 240V. 50/60Hz, 0.3A


    9V, 0.5A.

 Computer Output  USB - PC
 Dimensions and Weight  120(W)x120(D)x200.6(H)mm, 1.2kg (body only)
 Stand and Screw: 0.5kg
 Language  English - Japanese


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