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Unlimited Inspection --- PAL & Analog Series

This unlimited inspection is ONLY for PAL and MASTER analog refractometer units that are under 7 years old.

ONLY $50 for unlimited inspection throughout the year, free replacement of batteries, battery caps or daylight plates.
**This does not include NIST service or shipping fees.

The program includes:

Digital Model

Master Analog Model

General inspection
(Physical damage & prism condition)

General inspection
(Physical damage & prism condition)



Leak Test

Scale Check

Temperature Adjustment

Eye Piece Cleaning

Replacement of Damaged Battery Cap
(One time per calendar year)

Replacement of Damaged Daylight Plate
(One time per calendar year)

Light Volume Check


Optical Unit Check


LCD Display Check


1. Fill out this form: Service Contrct Form
   *Please contact ATAGO Service Center 1-425-637-2107 , customerserivce@atago-usa.com if you have any questions or concers.

2. Contact service department with service contract filled (all informations must be filled out). 

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