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ATAGO’s RX series bench-top refractometers have earned the trust of industry professionals with Brix measurement needs over the years. The new saccharimeter, SAC-i, is expected to provide the same stable performance and durability that ATAGO instruments are known for. The large and bright touchscreen makes operations fast and easy. Thanks to the flow cell attachment, users can measure one sample after another by simply pouring a new batch of juice in to replace the previous one. The measuring process is automatic and virtually foolproof even for seasonal workers. The instrument features an accuracy of ±0.005° and 0.015°Z.



Model SAC-i Cat.No. 5951
Measurement Scales Angle of Rotation, International Sugar Scale (without temperature compensation), International Sugar Scale (with Automatic Temperature Compensation), Specific Rotation, Concentration, Purity, and Angle of Rotation (Temperature Compensation of Quartz Plate)
Measurement Range Angle of Rotation -89.999 to +90.000° or -360 to +360°
International Sugar Scale -259 to +259°
Resolution Angle of Rotation 0.0001° International Sugar Scale 0.0001°Z
Measurement Accuracy

①Angle of Rotation :  ±0.002°(-5.0 to +5.0°) ±0.005°(-45.0 to -5.0°, +5.0 to +45.0°)

②International Sugar Scale : ±0.015°Z (-130.0 to +130.0°Z) 

Other ranges

①Angle of Rotation : ±0.010°

②International Sugar Scale : ±0.030°Z

∗ Checked by reading a standard quartz plate 

Repeatability ±0.003° Angle of Rotation and ±0.009°Z Sensitivity up to OD2*
*OD = optical density: a measureof light absorbance.
OD2 = 1/100 attenuation and 1% transmission.
Temperature compensation range for International Sugar Scale 10 to 40℃ Display Panel 7.5 inch color LCD (touch screen)
Measurement wavelength 589nm (D-line) Output Digital Printer DP-63 or
DP-AD (sold separately), USB flash drive and PC - USB
Observation tube included Observation tubes (100mm(5ml),200mm(10ml)) Power supply AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions and weight 60×36.5×21cm, 20.0kg    
Optional Digital Printer DP-63 : Cat.No.3118
Digital printer DP-AD : Cat.No.3123
• Observation tube 50mm long OT-50 : RE-72072
• Observation tube 100mm long OT-100 : RE-72070
• Observation tube 200mm long OT-200 : RE-72071
• Jacketed flow tube with funnel 100mm : RE-72113
• Jacketed flow tube with funnel 200mm : RE-72114
• Unjacketed flow tube with funnel 100mm : RE-72037
• Unjacketed flow tube with funnel 200mm : RE-72038
• Unjacketed small volume observationtube 10mm long : RE-72073
• Observation tube 100mm long OT-100 (A) : RE-72001
• Observation tube 200mm long OT-200 (A) : RE-72002
• Jacketed flow tube 50mm : RE-72110 (With water jacket)
• Jacketed flow tube 100mm : RE-72111 (With water jacket)
• Jacketed flow tube 200mm : RE-72112 (With water jacket)
Quartz control plate 34° : RE-72045
Quartz control plate 17° : RE-72044
Quartz control plate 8° : RE-72043
• Quartz Control Plate -8° (-25°Z) : RE-72048
• Quartz Control Plate -17° (-50°Z) : RE-72049
• Quartz Control Plate -34° (-100°Z) : RE-72050
* Calibration Certificate : Contact an ATAGO representative for details.
Parts Printer paper (regular) for DP-63 : RE-8412
Printer paper (long-term storage) for DP-63 : RE-8414
Printer paper for DP-AD : RE-89403
Ribbon cassette for DP-AD : RE-89402


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