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Buy a digital unit with NIST certification and get 10% discount on your order!

Many companies now require their testing equipment to come with Traceability Certificates, also known as NIST Certificates & Calibration Certificates.

Example Certificate
ATAGO understands the importance of ensuring your equipment meets standards. For this reason, ATAGO offers Calibration Certificates for our instruments upon request. When placing your order on this site, simply select the option located above the 'Add To Cart Button' as seen below. 

New products can be issued with Calibration Certificates and currently owned instruments can be sent to our authorized service center for certification. Make sure you get the RMA number before they send the instrument to service center. 
Buying a sucrose or NaCl solution? We can create a NIST certificate for these items too!

Please click here to submit a certificate inquiry for a previous purchase. 

For more details on our calibration services, please email customerservice@atago-usa.com or call toll free 1-877-ATAGOUS (1-877-282-4687).