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SKU: 5223

Polarimeter, which is known as an optical rotation meter, is an instrument to measure optical rotation of "optically active matter" such as saccharin, ascorbic acid and sodium glutamate.

Model POLAX-2L Cat.No. 5223
Measurement Range Angle of rotation :
-179.95° to +180.00°
International sugar scale
-130.0°Z to +130.0°Z
Minimum Indication Angle of rotation 0.05° 
International sugar scale
Measurement Accuracy Angle of rotation ±0.10°
International sugar scale
Measurement temperature range 5 to 40° C
Light Source LED with interference filter
( 589nm )
Accessories Observation tubes : 100mm tube and 200mm tube / each
Power Supply AC100 to 240V 50/60Hz Dimensions & Weight 43×22×30cm, 11.5kg
(Main Unit only)
Operation switches  R ( + ) = Right rotation switch : Rotates the analyzer slowly to the right.
 L ( - ) = Left rotation switch : Rotates the analyzer slowly to the left.
 temp = Shift / Temp switch : Pressing this switch simultaneously with either ( + ) switch or the ( - ) switch will provide a faster rotation ( in the shift mode ).
* When this switch is pressed for 2 seconds or more, the temperature of the sample chamber is indicated on the display panel (until the switch is released from pressing).
Optional • Quartz control plate 34° : RE-72045
• Quartz control plate 17° : RE-72044
• Quartz control plate 8° : RE-72043
* Calibration Certificate : NIST-traceable certificate. This will increase the lead time of the order by 2 to 3 weeks. Contact an ATAGO representative for details.
Parts • Observation tube 100mm long OT-100 (P) : RE-6705
• Observation tube 200mm long OT-200 (P) : RE-6706
• Small volume tube 100mm long (OT-100M) : RE-6708
• Deck glass : RE-6712
• Rubber packing for observation tube : RE-6713
• Ring nut for observation tube : RE-6714
• Rubber packing for small volume tube : RE-6715
• Ring nut for small volume tube : RE-6717
• Midget fuse (1A) : RE-5784



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