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PAL-SALT Pocket Salt Meter



PAL-SALT is widely used in various industries for food and industrial solutions. For food products, in addition to checking salt content, salt meter is used to make sure salt is properly added and not forgotten for such product as bread, rice balls and frozen. For industrial use, salt meter is widely used for salt resistance test for cars and such.
*Offset feature use examples
#1. Program a dilution factor to display the original salt%
#2. Program a conversion factor to align the readings with titration methods.

Cat.No. 4250
Scale Salt concentration (g/100g)
Method Conductivity method
Range 0.00 to 10.0% (g/100g)
Resolution 0.01% for salt concentration of 0.00 to 2.99%
0.1% for salt concentration of 3.0 to 10.0%
Accuracy Displayed value ±0.05%
(for salt concentration of 0.00 to 0.99%)
Relative precision ±5%
(for salt concentration of 1.00 to 10.0%)
Sample temp. 5 to 100°C

· PAL-CASE : RE-39409

· STRAP : RE-39410

· NaCl Solution 2.50% (±0.05%) AB250 [*1] : RE-120250

[*1] Calibration Certificate : Contact an ATAGO representative for details.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Snack M, 07/23/2018

This product does exactly as it says. It is portable and easy to use on line.
The results are comparable with those acquired using a standard Mohr test and this is highly recommended.