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PAL-EC Pocket EC Meter


The PAL Series now has an EC Meter!
The Pocket EC Meter PAL-EC is capable of measurements with just 0.6mL of sample.The unit also features dual scales of electrical conductivity (mS/cm) and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) (ppm).
The PAL-EC is ideal for use in a wide variety of fields such as Agriculture (soil and hydroponics) or Industrial (waste water or cleaning solutions).

*Calibrate with the Standard solution (12.9mS/cm).

Model PAL-EC
Cat.No. 4331
Range Electric Conductivity Method : 0.00 to 19.9mS/cm 
TDS : 0 to 9950 ppm
Resolution Electric Conductivity Method :
0.01 mS/cm(0.00 to 1.99mS/cm)
2.0 to 19.9 mS/cm(0.1 mS/cm)
5ppm(0 to 995ppm)
50ppm(1000 to 9950ppm)
Accuracy Electric Conductivity Method :
±0.04mS/cm(0.20 to1.99mS/cm)
±0.4mS/cm(2.0 to 19.9mS/cm)
±20ppm(100 to 995ppm)
±200ppm(1000 to 9950ppm)
Calibration 12.9mS/cm
Temperature compensation 10.0 to 40.0℃
Power Supply Two AAA alkaline batteries

Patent for Invention Registration No. ZL200310103015.2 (China)
Patent for Design Registration No. ZL03303431.1 (China), 089244 (Taiwan)
Patent Granted in countries around the world.


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