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Ethanol concentration

Disinfection ethanol can be made by adding about 20% of purified water to absolute ethanol.

With PAL-COVID-19, you can check if the solution is at the optimal concentration. 


Q. What is the difference between absolute ethanol, ethanol, and disinfecting ethanol?

A. The concentration of ethanol contained in each is different.

  • ・Absolute Ethanol・・・・・・Ethanol 99.5vol% or more
  • ・Ethanol・・・・・・・・・・・Ethanol 95.1~96.9vol%
  • ・Disinfecting Ethanol・・・・・Ethanol 76.9~81.4vol%

Disinfecting ethanol is used for disinfection, because the disinfecting effect is best when the ethanol concentration is around 80%.

Q. How does PAL-COVID-19 work?


[step 1] Zero with water

[step 2] Take one spoon (included) of ethyl alcohol & distilled water. Mix well.

[step 3] Place the mixture on prism and measure.

Q. Can PAL-COVID-19 measure gel type hand sanitizer?

Yes, dilute x5 times