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> not sure which instrument to get

Unsure which of our instruments will meet your specific needs? Use this guide to determine which of our many products will work best for you. 


Refractometers have always formed the base of our business. You can choose from instruments that can measure in refractive index, Brix and/or special industry-specific scales. ATAGO has an extensive refractometer range for use anywhere; from in the field to in the lab and everywhere in-between. 

 ATAGO’s analog MASTER-53α and digital PAL-1 are industry standards.  Both instruments measure between 0 to 53% Brix. 

The MASTER-53α features ATAGO’s brightest and clearest optics, making it the stand out analog model.

The PAL-1 features an easy to read and non-subjective digital output which makes taking measurements even easier.

Whether you pick analog or digital, can you be sure one of these refractometers will exceed your requirements.