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Milo’s Tea Company, Inc.




Ready to Drink Teas and Lemonades

Which ATAGO units?


Type of Sample

Tea Drinks, Lemonades, Liquid Sucrose

Used Method



Milo’s Tea Company is family-owned company that manufactures ready to drink tea and lemonade beverages that are distributed all over the United States. 

We use the RX-5000i-Plus refractometer to measure brix of ingredients and all our finished products.  It is an effective, accurate, and time saving instrument.  For us, monitoring brix is critical and fast, accurate results are needed to ensure top quality.  The reliability of the refractometer is unrivaled.

When we do send the instrument into Atago for preventative maintenance the customer service has been excellent.  We also appreciate the speed of the service and no downtime with loaner units available.

Ryan Mills

Milo’s Tea Company, Inc.

Quality Manager