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SKU: 2384

MASTER series Refractometer (Automatic Temperature Compensation & Water Resistant) MASTER-100H

MASTER-100H is heat resistant model of the MASTER-Series. The MASTER-100H is developed for measuring high-temperature samples at their respective production sites. Moreover, the MASTER-100H has a longer service life as compared with conventional types because its prism is made of corrosion resisting tempered glass.
The MASTER-100H is best for measuring jam, marmalade candy same as the MASTER-80H and MASTER-93H. Measurement range of the MASTER-100H is Brix 60.0 to 100.0%. Only the MASTER-100H can measure up to 100% Brix.

*Calibration with the 60% Sucrose Solution ( RE-110060 ) or Standard liquid LK ( RE-99010 ) .


Model MASTER-100H Cat.No. 2384
Scale range Brix 60.0 to 100.0%
(Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Minimum Scale Brix 0.5%
Measurement Accuracy Brix ±0.5% Repeatability ±0.25%
Optional • 60% Sucrose Solution (±0.05%) : RE-110060
• Standard liquid LK : RE-99010
• Daylight plate for small volume samplings for MASTER series : RE-2311-67M (Except viscosity sample) 
* Calibration Certificate : NIST-traceable certificate. This will increase the lead time of the order by 2 to 3 weeks. Contact an ATAGO representative for details.
Parts Daylight plate for MASTER series : RE-2315-60M
International Protection Class  IP65 (except eye piece) 
Dust-tight and Protected against water jets.
Size & Weight 3.2×3.4× 16.8cm, 130g





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