CM-Baseα-SW (A)

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Model CM-BASEα-SW(A)
Cat.No. 3618
Scale NaCl(%) (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Measurement Idication NaCl 0.1%
Measurement Range NaCl 0.0 to 28.0% (indication -2.0 to 28.5)
Measurement Accuracy NaCl ±0.2% (for measurement value of NaCl 0.0 to 3.0%), NaCl ±0.5% (for measurement value of NaCl 3.1 to 28.0%)
Measurement Temperatures 10 to 40℃
Temperature accuracy ±2.0℃
Measurement Interval (Same as output interval) Approx. 2 seconds per mesurement
Temperature Correction Values Based on the temperature correction table for NaCl. The values obtained at the ATAGO laboratories are used. 
Light source LED(D-line approximation)
Temperature sensor Thin film platinum sensor
Materials in contact with the solution Prism:Sapphire
Prism stage:SUS304
Prism pressure resistance 0.98MPa(10kgf/cm2)
Output NaCl -2.0 to 28.5% = DC4 to 20mA
International Protection Class IP64
Dimensions & Weight 90×90×57.9mm, 820g (Main unit only)

Power consumption


·Hose connector : RE-67501

· Compression Fitting : RE-67503

· Straight type IDF/ISO clamp union : RE-67511; RE-67512; RE-67521

·Straight type JIS screw union : RE-67523

·Straight type JIS Flange : RE-67515; RE-67525

·L type IDF/ISO clamp union (ferrule) : RE-67611; RE-67621

·Stand for CM-Baseα-SW : RE-67690

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