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ATAGO’s series of Abbe refractometers are named after Ernst Abbe, who invented the first refractometer in the 19th Century. ATAGO’s first refractometers were Abbe types, desk-top units with an eyepiece like a microscope. The NAR series continues this esteemed tradition, albeit with improved accuracy and reliability. The units in the series – the NAR-1T, NAR-2T, NAR-3T, and NAR-4T – distinguish themselves among ATAGO’s family of refractometers by their durability and their ability to measure the refractive index of solid samples.

  • Available in numerous measurement ranges to suit the needs of any application
  • Combination Brix and refractive index scales
  • Capable of measuring solid samples
  • Capable of measuring Abbe numbers
Model NAR-3T Cat.No. 1230
Measurement range Refractive index (nD)
1.30000 to 1.71000
Brix 0.00 to 95.00%
Minimum scale Refractive index (nD) 0.0002
Brix 0.1%
Measurement Accuracy Refractive index (nD) ±0.0001
Brix 0.05%
Average Dispersion Value nF - nC (to be calculated according to conversion table)
Digital Thermometer Indication range 0.0 to 50.0°C
( Accuracy ± 0.2°C
Minimum indication 0.1°C )
Power Supply AC100 to 240V , 50/60Hz
Measurement Temperature Range 5 to 50°C Power Consumption 5VA
Dimensions & Weight 12×31×25cm, 9.0kg (Refractometer) 
10×11×7cm, 0.5kg (Thermometer)
Optional • 10% Sucrose Solution (±0.03%) : RE-110010
• 20% Sucrose Solution (±0.03%) : RE-110020
• 30% Sucrose Solution (±0.03%) : RE-110030
• 40% Sucrose Solution (±0.04%) : RE-110040
• 50% Sucrose Solution (±0.05%) : RE-110050 
• 60% Sucrose Solution (±0.05%) : RE-110060
• Test piece C with m-naphthalene : RE-1197
• Monobromona-phthalene as contact liquid : RE-1196 
• Methylene iodide containing sulfur solution : RE-1199 
• Eyepiece for polarizing : RE-1146 
* Calibration Certificate : Contact an ATAGO representative for details
Parts • Test piece A with m-naphthalene : RE-1195
* As for the other consumables & the part please view this.


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